Jacinda McDuffie

Hi, My name is Jacinda McDuffie and I love to help couples plan their honeymoons and romantic getaways.

My passion for travel began when I was a little girl visiting family in various states and traveling with my mother and her sorority. As I got older and began to travel with friends, I was generally the one that made all of the arrangements. When my friends took trips that I was not a part of they would also solicit my help to make plans. I loved to see the pictures of their vacations once they returned but I was also fulfilled when they shared their relief of not having to plan the trip.

I currently work with wedding planning companies and engaged couples to plan their honeymoons. The couple is always are grateful knowing the honeymoon is one less thing they have to worry about. My desire is to help others see the greatness the world has to offer through travel. I would love to assist you today!


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