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Jacinda McDuffie is the romance mastermind behind JMac Travel. She is the curator (or guru) of romantic getaways and desires to help you find that spark at a destination of your choosing. 
Jacinda’s love for travel began when she was a young girl. Fortunate enough to travel to some very exotic destinations with her family in her youth, Jacinda became passionate about travel, discovery and exploration. 
As she grew up, she took on the roles of “making the travel arrangements” for her circle of friends on girl’s trips around the world. This budding hobby, turned passion,  sparked the inner travel agent within and birthed JMac Travel.  
Jacinda McDuffie is an experienced agent and a romance destination designer. She offers her travelers nothing less than a five star service experience. 
She’s your “I do” go-to and all things romancing travel concierge.

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